Law Of AttractionWhile the law of attraction might not be a particularly new phenomenon, it is important to say something about it especially as we intend discussing about the secret of the law of attraction.

So what is law of attraction? It is basically a principle that can be simply be explained by saying that everyone gets what he or she thinks of. This means that in order to achieve your desire, you need to imagine and act that you already possess your wish and the law of nature would make your wish come to past.

As regards the secret of Law Of Attraction, it is nothing unusual or abnormal that virtually everyone that knows one or two things about the concept would like to know the secret behind it. This is due to the attribute of curiosity that has every human being chasing after hidden issues and secrets. It is therefore not surprising that some quarters have become obsessed with the secret of law of attraction and putting all the effort to revealing the so-called secret law of attraction.

In actual fact, it is correct to say that there is no more secret in the secret of law of attraction as there are book, movies, CDS, and online publications that have been created to address this issue. This means that tens of millions of people all over the world already have the knowledge of the law of attraction.

This goes to say that beyond knowing the secret behind the law of attraction, the intriguing part of the quest is whether or not the law of attraction works. As mentioned earlier, dissecting this would require saying something about the power law of attraction itself. The concept is built on the premise of controlling one’s thought to achieve one’s dream, the same as explained above. This simply means that what we experience physically in the real world is directly influenced by our beliefs and thoughts.

Unlike the popular misconception that the law of attraction seems to take away the reality in our world, the concept only shows that everyone is in charge of his or her reality and as humans, we have been specially blessed to be able to create the kind of reality we want by simply controlling our beliefs and thoughts. While this concept might look somewhat difficult to comprehend or believe, studies have shown that the subconscious significantly influences reality. It is therefore important that we create the kind of reality we want by modifying the way we think.

The concept of law of attraction as mentioned earlier is built on the premise of likes attract likes which means that in order to get the positive side of life, you need to do away with negative thoughts. It is not a situation of like poles repels as you need positive thoughts to drive positive happenings towards you, and the direct opposite is correct. This is evident in the law of attraction quotes prescribed to the many fans of the concept.

How efficient is the Law of Attraction?

As mentioned before, people in search of the secret of law of attraction are actually interested in the efficacy of the law of attraction. In checking this, we need to consider what the concept teaches. According to the law, it is possible to create the reality you want by shaping your thoughts to conform to your desire. This means that in order to ascertain the efficacy of the concept, the thought process needs to be modified and in fact checked to see if your present and past situations match your thoughts.

Even with the wide acceptance and different testimonies from various users, some people still do not believe in the concept and it is unfortunate that with such belief, no law of attraction can help drive positivity and good tidings into your reality as you only get what you wished for. Pessimism is the first step towards failure to achieving your dreams using the law of attraction.

Thanks to the many available resources in form of books, CDS, and even movies, people are increasingly becoming interested in the law of attraction and it gets even better as they are able to use it better to get a more positive reality.